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Terrace should wake one association – relax. In this place we can start our every day with a cup of coffee or calm down after a hard day at work. Its maintenance should not last longer than cleaning the floor at home and the rest should not be disturbed by any defects or inconveniences. First of all, it is very important to think about the building material to provide reliability and durability of the terrace for many years. The guarantor of quality is combination of tradition and modernity. Boards “Gamrat Trade” arise from the connection of wood and plastic (PVC) which makes it incredibly durable. They can be used for many years without any conservation, oiling or painting and they still look attractive and beautiful. “Gamrat Trade” are resistant to water and any weather conditions that’s why they are ideal for building terraces or balconies. Apart from this, they can be used while execution of stairs, pools or ponds, and even bridges. Of course these are only few examples because the usage of our product is only limited by the imagination of our customer.

Benefits and advantages

Simple cleaning

Cleaning is extremely easy, some simple products for cleaning are enough. For the best result it is good to use water under high pressure (at max. 100 bar) in the direction of grooves of the board. Do not use solvents and cleaning machines.

Versatility of the usage

The use of the boards is limited only by the customer’s imagination. They can be used not only while building terraces and balconies, but also pools, ponds and even bridges.


Boards are resistant to weather conditions, salt water, chlorine, attrition and mechanical damages. Any treatments such as conservation and maintenance are not needed because of the product’s resistance and hardiness so it leads to the money and time saving.


Perfectly straight boards without any imperfections such as knots or cracks make every terrace beautiful. High quality prevents from any deformation. No visible screws and nails thanks to the mounting boards with the clips increases the aesthetics significantly.

The depth and fastness of the colour

Unprecedented depth of the colours because of the UV filters and the pigment which is characterized by the highest quality. Innovative technology of multilayered boards harmonizes with this and it guarantees the colour and dimensional stability.info_outline

Safety usage

Longitudinal grooves running along the board provide very fast and effective drainage. Non-slip surface guarantees safety, even if the terrace is wet. The product is ideal for finishing stairs and bathing platforms.

Non-flammability and visual qualities

Board is made of non-flammable material which is completely safe. Products “Gamrat Trade” have the highest class of non-flammability: Bfl – s1. Additionally, thanks to advanced techniques of tooling, they perfectly imitate real wood.

Ecological and Polish product

Polish production provides high quality, repeatability of the product, service and guarantee. In addition, the products “Gamrat Trade” are ecological – they have all required certificates. Moreover, they can be recycled.

Stain resistance

It is definitely the main advantage of these boards. Thanks to the innovative technology of impregnation, the full resistance to stains was achieved. The rest and relax on the terraces is pure pleasure.

Gamrat Trade Unbrushed – profitable combination of an attractive price and high quality. Boards are not brushed so they are resistant to dirt. If we invite our friends to our home we will always hear praises about the appearance of our terraces or balconies, regardless of how many months earlier boards were installed. This product, creating modern style, is ideal indoors and outdoors. For the safety of our customers we used grooving o eliminate the risk of slipping. Moreover, the highest class of resistance to fire guarantees the safety of use.

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Gamrat Trade Brushed – ideal choice for those who appreciate the combination of elegance and high quality. It is unique because of its nobility and naturalness: boards are stylish and natural-looking thanks to the use of special brushing. This product is ideal not only for the modern look but also for retro appearance. Besides the modern design, the priority is also the safety of our customers, so we guarantee slip resistance and the best class of fire resistance.

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Finish type
Unbrushed „N” Brushed „L”
The way of grooving
Narrow Narrow
One-sided One-sided
Slip resistance
Dimensional stability- length, width*
≤ 0,2% ≤ 0,2%
Classification in terms of reaction to fire info_outline
Bfl-s1 info_outline Bfl-s1 info_outline

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  • In scope of:
  • - preservation of mechanical properties,
  • - cracks,
  • - deformations,
  • In scope of:
  • - rot and decay caused by fungi and bacteria,
  • - destruction caused by insects (termites),
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